❏ We believe that it is our right, as adults, to choose to utilise e-­cigarettes as a means of quitting smoking and staying off cigarettes and combustible tobacco products and be able to purchase the equipment and nicotine e-­liquid within the country as a consumer product in the same manner as any other 18+ restricted retail product.

❏ We believe that the Government should not be allowed to significantly inhibit the use of e-cigarettes and e-liquid as harm reduction products by smokers, either through legislation nor through excessive regulation.

❏ We believe that any regulatory strategy should take a balanced approach in seeking to ensure product safety, through recognising and utilising the peer reviewed science currently available that states  e-cigarettes and e-liquid are 95% less harmful than combustible tobacco. and enable availability of e-cigarettes and  e-liquid without exorbitant taxation and/or licensing fees that may limit availability and restrict the market.

❏ We believe that nicotine e-liquid should be made available on the retail market locally in New Zealand and not be unduly burdened by regulation, taxation or restriction.

❏ We believe that the Ministry of Health needs to base any decisions relative to e-cigarettes and e-liquid based on current peer reviewed medical and scientific research from various sources, both locally and overseas.

❏ We believe that the Ministry of Health needs to make official their stance on e-cigarettes and e-liquid with regards to allowing  medical professionals and NGO’s contracted by the government to provide smoking cessation guidance and assistance  to offer information and advice regarding the use of e-­cigarettes and nicotine e-­liquid as possible options for smoking cessation.