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Who We Are – AVCA is a NZ registered Charitable Trust (CC# 553899), Our mission is simple: Educate, Inform, Advocate, Community.

All of those involved are doing this work voluntarily,  out of the conviction that there is a better way for smokers to be rid of the beast of combustible tobacco – once and for all. Quitting smoking is HARD, We know as we have all been there and have succeeded, by not quitting smoking, but by switching to using electronic liquid vapourisers (ELVs) aka e-cigarettes (e-cigs) instead of using combustible tobacco.

For us, it is about harm reduction, effective harm reduction.  Science proves that what we do is 95% less harmful than smoking. Experience proves that harm reduction need not be painful or stressful. Our policy and mission are simple: to help get as many current combustible tobacco users as possible the information, guidance and mentoring they need to become SmokeFree.

SmokeFree 2025?  We believe it is possible. 
The way to go about it is to be progressive, forward thinking and open to reduced harm products that are not prohibitively regulated or difficult to access.

Key quote ‘It makes no sense to make it harder for people to access products that are safer for them’ yes this is exactly what Aust Govt is doing. https://www.aacs.org.au/aacs-vaping-decisions-needs-urgent-overhaul/

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