AVCA was formed in April 2016 by vapers from across New Zealand who were concerned about having their voices heard by those in local and national government with regards to their rights to purchase electronic cigarettes, nicotine containing e-liquid and the ability to vape in public.

All members are former smokers who have been and continue to promote vaping as an alternative to using combustible tobacco products. All of us are adults, all of us are former smokers and we know that vaping is an effective means to tobacco harm reduction through our shared

We are going to make our voices heard in the wider arena, publicly, with regards to the direction of availability of vaping products and the perception of those products and the people who utilise them so that they are able to freely, considerately and respectfully utilise their vape in public.

We are going to lobby on behalf of all New Zealanders to reduce the incidence of smoking among all the population, but especially among those who are Maori and Pasifika, as the research and statistics have shown that our indigenous population are at highest risk of harm and have the highest incidence of negative health outcomes from tobacco use.

We are going to make our voices heard in government to have our choices protected and promoted.