Our Action Plan:

We already have a network of volunteers in the community , as well as collaborators in community organisations who we work with to fulfill our mission.  Our approach is three pronged: Educate, Inform and Advocate in the wider Community.

Educate current smokers on the option of utilising an electronic cigarette/vapouriser with nicotine e-liquid, and when possible, distributing donated electronic cigarettes/vapourisers to interested people, providing people with advice on how to use the equipment and how to obtain nicotine e-liquid from overseas until such time that it is available legally on the retail market here in New Zealand.

Inform the Public that the use of an electronic cigarette/vapouriser is not the same as tobacco smoking and the exudate/second hand vapour is not a health hazard such as second hand smoke is.  Also to educate them as to what it is, and why it is used and try to dispel the myth and public perception that vaping and smoking are one and the same.

Advocate for vapers with the government, educational institutions, and other interests about what we do and why we do it.  We also hope to engage on a one to one level, both formally and informally through meetings, invites to monthly meetups and correspondence to begin the conversation, have the debate, and discuss the situation.

Vape It Forward:  This is a collaborative effort in the vaping community that will is coordinated through AVCA between vapers, those interested in vaping and the e-cigarette vendors in New Zealand.  The first part is the Advocate/Mentoring Program and the second part (to be launched by January 2018) will be the resource library of information.

Advocate/Mentors work with smokers who are interested in switching to e-cigarettes.  The VIF mentoring program is a face to face, interactive program where a smoker is given a “vape buddy” to help them during their transition.  This person explains the process, how to use an e-cigarette, where to purchase equipment and supplies and offers support and advice as all of the advocate/mentors are former smokers themselves.

The advocate/mentor and the smoker commit to at least two months of sponsorship.  After a month has passed and the individual who was being sponsored is ready, the  mentor/advocate will then help them to upgrade their equipment and/or make contacts of their own with vape vendors and suppliers. 

The VIF program runs on both the North and South Islands of New Zealand, both online and in person.  This program is coordinated and organised by the main VIF Program Coordinator (mentor/advocates) , who then assists the VIF advocates with any issues that may arise.